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PCS Checklist: 9 Things To Do Before You Move

As an active duty serviceman, dealing with your first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can be a transition fraught with stress and frustration. Here are a few tips that can take some of the stress out of your PCS relocation. 1. Decide How You Want to Move There are a couple of ways you can handle the moving process. One option involves taking advantage of the Persona

How You Can Find The Perfect Moving Company For The Perfect Move

When you're on the verge of moving, it's always a good idea to hire a professional moving company in your area. They can make this process so much easier to get through. To ensure the moving company you hire works out perfectly, keep these tips in mind.  Gather Several Quotes  How much you pay for professional movers varies quite a bit from company to compan

Two Ways to Keep Your Finances and Your Sanity Intact When Moving Interstate

It's often said that moving house is one of life's most stressful events. When you're not simply moving to a new home in your local area but are instead moving interstate, the stress levels involved can be magnified exponentially. One of the biggest stressors with interstate moves is the expense of moving everything you own hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Sh

Are You Organizing Your House?

Even though your house might be spotless, do you still feel that it just doesn't look right? Perhaps you go from room to room and you see too much stuff. Especially with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays almost here, you are more than likely wanting your house to look extra nice so that it will be ready for out-of-town guests who might be staying at yo

4 Easy Tips To Ease The Moving Process

Packing is one of the biggest parts of the moving process. It is also one of the most time-consuming parts of the packing process. That is why you want to make sure that you are smart about how you pack and when you pack. 1. Start Packing on Day One It is a good idea to start packing your home up as soon as you know that you are moving, or a few weeks out if you know

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Although most people don't think about it, there are a few different safety issues with storage, especially if you have to stash a lot in one unit. In addition to stacking things too high, it is also possible to deal with trip and fall hazards. I started to think about how to identify and resolve storage use safety challenges, and a friend of mine mentioned that by storing things carefully, things could be a little easier. I wanted to start a little website that talked about making smart storage decisions, since it could help you to keep your family and friends safe.




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