Questions To Ask Before Movers Disassemble Your Furniture

24 May 2022
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Since moving furniture on your own can be a challenge, it is better to work with furniture movers. These professionals understand how to move all forms of furniture and will prioritize the safety of the items, whether they are heavy, oddly shaped, or fragile. 

One step they may take depending on the type of furniture and distance is furniture disassembling. This is often done if some awkwardly shaped pieces can't get through doors or narrow corridors or are too heavy to carry. 

Taking them apart makes work easier and ensures the furniture doesn't get damaged. This post will answer some questions about furniture disassembling so that you don't worry when your movers take them apart.

Why Is Furniture Disassembling Vital?

By default, furniture movers need to take apart some furniture items to enhance safety during the move and make the work easy. It is more practical to lift and load smaller sections of a large piece of furniture than to pack it up as it is. 

Disassembling furniture is also economical for the customers because they won't need a large truck to move the items. Also, you won't need a big team of movers to lift the objects, and the moving procedure will take less time.

What Furniture Can Be Disassembled?

Often, furniture disassembly and assembly include bigger pieces like beds, dressers, tables, cabinets, sofas, and other similar items. For instance, moving the bed without disabling it can be difficult because the frames are large and may be made of interlocking pieces, which aren't easy to move. 

After taking these items apart, the parts are packed together, making it easy for the movers to assemble them later. So, allow the movers to disassemble the furniture so they can pack the items well and help you save on space.

Will the Furniture Be Reassembled After Offloading?

Yes, it's standard procedure for furniture movers to assemble everything they had taken apart after getting to the new location. But, don't assume that they will do so unless you discussed this initially. 

Some moving services may only involve packing and transporting the items so verify everything in advance. If you ask for full-service moving, everything will be taken care of, including assembling the furniture.

If you opt to disassemble the furniture yourself and don't have anyone to assemble them in your new location, you may talk to the movers so they can include the extra service in the quotation and avail the right team for the job.

Talk to a moving company in your area, such as Main Street Movers, to discuss if furniture disassembly is right for you.