Are You Organizing Your House?

4 November 2018
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Even though your house might be spotless, do you still feel that it just doesn't look right? Perhaps you go from room to room and you see too much stuff. Especially with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays almost here, you are more than likely wanting your house to look extra nice so that it will be ready for out-of-town guests who might be staying at your house. Plus, if you're hosting any holiday events, you probably want your house to shine. You also probably want to make room for things like your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Are you feeling overwhelmed about how to even start the organization project that will bring greater order to your home? Don't despair. From getting your family to help you to arranging for self storage, here are some ideas that might help you.

Get Your Family On Board - Don't you think it's probably time for a meeting-of-the-minds, a family meeting? Consider inviting your spouse and your kids to meet with you for a treat and a family business gathering. While you eat something scrumptious, explain to your family that you feel it's very important to get the house in order, not only so that it will be ready for guests, but so that you can each enjoy an orderly home.

Ask each person to go through his or her belongings and to put them in order. Tell them things like the fact that clothes should be on hangers or folded nicely in drawers, and ask them to get rid of things they no longer want or use. Don't you think that before Christmas is a great time to give gently used items to a charity organization? At your meeting, consider giving a specific date on which you will all go through the entire house to get rid of things that are not usable or wanted anymore. 

Arrange For Self Storage - As you drive around your town or city do you see multiple businesses that offer self storage units? Maybe that makes you feel somewhat better, knowing that your family is not the only one who has accumulated too many things. Even though you have gotten rid of an excess of belongings, you more than likely still would benefit greatly by renting a storage unit that would hold things you still want to keep, but that you don't actually want in your home all the time.

For example, after the holidays are over, the decorations could be placed in storage bins and saved in the storage unit until next year. Things like camping equipment and off-season clothes could also be safely stored at the self storage facility, too. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your things are safe and that you can access them any time you want to.