Ready For Winter? How To Safely Store Your Summer Gear

31 October 2019
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If you and your family go big on the summer outdoor activities, you might be wondering what to do once winter comes. Trying to store your summer gear around the house all winter long can rob you of valuable space in your garage, which is where an off-site storage facility comes in handy. Storing your summer gear in a storage facility will protect your property and free up much-needed space in your garage. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your storage. 

Find the Right Storage Unit

If you're going to be placing your summer gear in a storage facility this winter, you need to choose the right storage unit. It's not enough to simply choose a storage unit that's large enough to fit all of your gear into; you also need to choose one that will provide the maximum protection. That's where a climate-controlled storage unit comes in handy. A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your summer gear from damage caused by freezing temperatures and moisture. 

Use Weather-Resistant Storage Bins

Once you've done the hard work of finding the right storage unit for your summer gear, you'll need to make sure that it's all packed up safely. To do that, you need to start with the right containers. Don't settle for cardboard boxes or plastic bags. These types of storage solutions don't provide the best protection during winter storage. Instead, choose weather-resistant plastic storage bins. This is particularly important if you weren't able to secure a climate-controlled storage unit. The weather-resistant plastic will lock out the cold and moisture. 

Know Where to Place Your Gear

When it comes to protecting your summer gear during winter storage, knowing where to store your items in the unit is crucial. Items that are more prone to winter damage should be placed towards the back of the storage unit. That way, they're not exposed to bursts of cold air when you open the storage unit door, or when the wind blows cold air through the gaps in the door. 

Don't Forget About the Bikes

Finally, if you're going to be storing your bicycles this winter, take steps to provide them with maximum protection. The best way to do that is to disassemble your bikes prior to storage. Once you have your bikes disassembled, seal each individual piece in plastic wrap. Be sure to place the hardware in resealable plastic bags and store each bike separately. That way, you know which parts go together once the warm weather returns.