3-Point Guide To Getting It Right With Antique Furniture Movers

2 February 2021
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Successful furniture removals require careful planning and quite some effort. This careful planning becomes even more critical when dealing with antique furniture items such as that vintage bed or that classic dresser.

Here are some helpful rules you should stick to when handling furniture removals where the items are antiquities.

1. Always Hire Professionals

So much can go wrong with DIY furniture removals, not to mention the overwhelming amount of effort and time you will need to put in towards the removal. Hiring furniture movers takes away the stress, and you can rest assured that the professionals will do things the right way.

When looking for furniture movers, be sure to ask about the company's experience handling antiques. You can never go wrong with referrals, so you may want to ask for recommendations from among your circle, be it a friend or family who has had their antique furniture items moved.

2. Preparation Is Everything

If your antiquities come with an owner's manual, be sure to give the manual to the movers, as they may need to refer to it if they have to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. You should also make it easy for a representative from the furniture removals to come around for a pre-move survey, which includes taking measurements of your doorways.

If you must dust off your furniture before the move, avoid using oils and waxes. The two can be quite slippery, and the movers will have a hard time maintaining a good grip on your furniture. You should also avoid using tape to keep the doors or cabinets securely shut.

3. Get Appraised and Insured

If your furniture is antique and worth quite a bit, do you know just how much it is worth? An appraisal will tell you how much your antique furniture items are worth.

Use this information to get adequate insurance. In the unfortunate event that your furniture suffers damage or gets lost during the move, making a claim will be much easier. Be sure to take pictures and document the condition of your furniture before the move, so you have a point of reference in case of any damage.

As with other types of furniture removals, moving antiques comes down to preparation and ensuring you choose the right people for the job. You can always look forward to the best outcome when hiring furniture movers with the skills and experience in handling antiques. For more information about moving services, contact a local moving company.